16 November 2003

Finished my Burn-It cd yesterday (sorry, can't put my mouse on a link right now...). I'm surprised at how it turned out. Well, not really how it 'turned out,' but what's on it, I suppose. I just sort of picked out a few of my favorite songs off a few of my favorite cds, and was surprised at how many long-winded techno songs I chose. I knew I liked techno, I just didn't realize I liked the longest songs on each cd. So I ended up with a mix of like 8 - 10 minute long songs...kinda weird. Oh well, hope those of you receiving it enjoy it!
Oh, and I hope people send me stuff too! My mom just laughs at me for signing up for another swappy sorta thing. I've done mystery box swaps and secret pal stuff online, and only one time have I actually gotten stuff that I was supposed to get. So here we go again? I don't know. I'd be happy with like a 50% return, I suppose. If I send out my cds and get nothing, I'll be bummed.

Everything is still insanely busy here. It's already 1pm here and I'm still in my pjs. I can't get in the shower yet because I have nothing to put on when I get out. Being the domestic goddess that I am, there's a load of laundry in the dryer now including clothes to wear for today. Damn procrastination. I've got to work on that. Maybe tomorrow ;).

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