15 October 2003

Okay, I realize I’ll kinda sound like I’m backpedaling here, but it was a suggestion (almost, really just a ‘have you’ sort of question) from my buy-a-friend, er…therapist. She said I had a lot to say about what guys weren’t right; did I know what the perfect guy for me would be?
I remember having this list years ago, but I’m sure it needs updating. Luckily I don’t know enough about the guy in the previous two posts to feel that this list is favoring him. I just don’t know yet.

My Perfect Guy - by Me

Taller than me (5’10” or taller)
Proportionate weight/height
Dry sense of humor
Gainfully employed
Likes animals (most importantly, cats)
Good hygiene
Good as his word (says he’ll be there, there; says he’ll call, calls)
Appreciation for and participation in appropriate silliness
Intelligent and well-rounded
Faithful/loyal (not a cheater…)
Similar spiritual beliefs (Pagan/Wiccan/Agnostic/something similar)
Understanding/tolerant of my moods

Wow. Heck of a start off the top of my head. See (or rather, don’t see…) anything I’m missing? What’s your list for a partner have that mine doesn’t, or what sounds like a really good qualification?

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