16 October 2003

Hey! Thanks for bringing this up like a year (okay, not even a month..) ago, Daisy. I was wildly amused to look up the stuff about my name at What's in a Name? Really, don't click that if you're having an I-suck day.

My name (here, at least..):


From the ancient Canadian root meaning "Ugly Brute"
Expression -
Harmony does things with housecats illegal in 47 states.
Personality -
Harmony draws strength from the weakness of others.
Natural -
Harmony comes from the shallow end of the gene pool.
Emotional -
Harmony is deceptively warm and endearing.
Character -
Harmony tends to get others down.
Physical -
Harmony is basically ugly.
Mental -
Harmony isn't overwhelmingly intelligent.
Motivation -
Harmony likes to see others fail.

Gee, they made a few of those sound like bad things. *shrug*

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