01 September 2003

Harmony needs a new job. I think she's posted this before, but despite the hoardes of response and suggestions that poured in (note sarcasm), nothing still has been done. We're down to wire. She's talking about herself in the third person and was recently given a detailed lesson in how to make coffee. This is bad.

After almost three years in this job, Harmony feels really useless. Her job is more 'other duties as assigned' than anything else. Although rumor has it she is still reasonably talented in some areas and has a more than a few valuable skills, ongoing relations with the fucktards at her current employer make this hard to remember.

If you've got ideas for someone with a BBA specializing in Human Resources, who doesn't want to be shot working in human resources, with a lot more experience in (but still not deriving enjoyment from...) marketing, HELP!

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