27 August 2003

Hey! My sales in my candle biz made recognition last month! The forum I would normally go brag about this in is down right now. So here I am...Yay me! It's so hard to tell from month to month what will be recognition-worthy. If everyone is having a good month, you have to shoot for the moon! July, with National Conference and such, may be a little slower for a lot of people. I didn't even double bonus, but I'm within the top 200 (the top 150, even!) for sales. Okay, so this is all sounding like gibberish to you now. Sorry.

On the other hand, any paranoia I had about society not finding single adults (30 and over) generally acceptable has been reinforced. A board I hang out on frequently had a huge discussion today about sex outside of marriage...several people say it's wrong. Period, the end. Oh, a couple of them also said divorce is wrong except in cases of abuse. So who's to determine abuse? Do there have to be bruises? C'mon, people honestly think it's a better idea to be married and completely miserable (but without broken bones) than to be divorced. Bite me. I realize that they're wrong, but it still hurts my feelings to know they look down on me for something so petty. And yes, I know they weren't personally attacking me, but right now they're at home getting some nooky from their hubby, and I'm sitting here at my computer, alone again, knowing that a few less people think I'm okay than did this morning.

Every day has good and bad - it's all about being able to sort it out when you're done.

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