22 July 2003

Wow-ie, kazowie!

Still going nuts! So wired from National Conference I probably won't be able to catch up on sleep for another few days! Ugh!

All of conference is always crazy. I spent the first few days with my head down, avoiding most of the 12,000 other people there. Finally started joining the group early Thursday. My real fun, however, started on Friday.

Friday was the Fling. It's not PartyLite sanctioned, but a group of people I hang out with online. I committed myself to being there early to help out, and that way I had to go! (Last year I chickened out and skipped the whole thing..) Hit it off right away with two delightful women. And they actually read the Tard Blog! I figured that alone must be fate - how many people have even heard of it!

Anyway, all of Friday night was the very best, and I don't ever want to miss another conference, even if it's just to go to Fling! Awesome people; I might even have roommates next year (and ya'll know that's a big stretch for me!).

Saturday was also a huge day. Plenty of spectacular business announcements in the morning, and our annual donation to the American Cancer Society. Drum roll please....PartyLite's 2002 - 2003 (July to July) donation was 1 MILLION 11 thousand dollars and change.....$1,011,442. Wow!! Truly a wonderful feeling to be involved with. We also give each year to the Ronald McDonald House in the community where conference takes place. This year St Louis Ronald McDonald House received (I think I got the number right!) $40,000! Another wow!

Overall, another fabulous conference (my third). Now I'm all fired up for my business and my new friends. My future is so bright I've got to wear shades!! A huge thanks to everyone involved: PartyLite, the performers, old and new friends and the fabulous people of St Louis for putting up with us!

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