14 July 2003

Sometimes, okay, usually, the littlest thing can make my day. Today was already going very, very well. I’m really excited about my trip, of course!

I went from work straight to the grocery store to get stuff for trail mix. Found the pretzels and peanuts no problem, but then I saw individually packaged things of Goldfish (you know, ~I love the fishies cuz they’re sooo delishies~). Instantly, my heart was set on Goldfish for inclusion in my trail mix. But I couldn’t find the bigger packages. I wandered back and forth for a while, then was giving up and decided to just get the bag to put it all in and go somewhere else. Then I couldn’t find the Ziploc bags….my shopping expedition was going downhill fast.

Out of the blue came my superman for the day. I heard a guy ask if he could help me find anything – I know what you’re thinking – “what, a helpful employee somewhere??” Yes, and he had nice eyes and a shaved head too…pushing all my buttons :D

After telling me the baggies were right around the corner, he came over, picked up the package I said I was looking for before I even found it and gave it to me. Then he walked with me clear across the store to my much-sought-after Goldfish!! Wow! Hope I see him again next time I’m there….

Yes, today a Kroger employee made me feel cared for. Thanks ;)

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