17 June 2003

Welcome to Tuesday - and I only have a four-day work week! Yippee!

Now so you can say 'yippee' too, here's This-or-That Tuesday!

June 17: Reading

1. Newspapers or magazines? Magazines. Definitely. The only newspaper I sometimes read is the Observer. It's only monthly, but lists stuff to see and do in my area...

2. Books-on-tape or regular books? Regular, old fashioned page-turners.

3. Paperback or hardcover? Hmm....Question #6 will clear some of this up, but I really don't usually care between paperback or hardcover. Except when I'm planning a vacation. Paperback are easier to pack.

4. Fiction or non-fiction? Usually fiction, although I've been liking a few memoirs lately. Not quite non-fiction all the way, but not quite fiction anymore either.

5. Sci-Fi/Fantasy or romance novels? Romance.

6. Borrow from library or buy books (either new or used)? Usually library. Of course being a book-junky, I have to buy some too, but usually I just read what's at the library, in whatever form they have available (the rest of my answer to #3).

7. Subscribe to magazines or buy on newsstand? I think I'm a compulsive subscriber, but they're all about to run out again. Luckily. I haven't read the two subscriptions I have (Jane and Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion) in months!

8. Current best-sellers or classic literature? A little of both, actually. At the library I tend to pick up the new releases, but there's usually a few classics I also want to catch up with at any given time.

9. Read books once, or re-read favorites every so often? There's a few that I re-read...Gone with the Wind, Tom Robbins' books, and sometimes Anne Rice's witch chronicles, to name just a few.

10. Here in the U.S., we have two hot best-sellers...former First Lady Hillary Clinton's memoirs, and the new Harry Potter book (coming out June 21). If you had to read one, which one...Hillary or Harry? Why? Hands down Harry Potter. Kind of hard for me to answer why, since it seems like a no-brainer to me. Why would I want to read Hillary's book? Ancient history that I wasn't even interested in the first time around. Harry Potter, on the other hand, is a kid who's going places!

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