27 June 2003

Today – relief! Hopefully. My shoulder is kinda achy since about Sunday. I’m assuming I did something to it Friday (yeah, giant roller coasters might not be good for my 31 year old bod). Last night I woke up in tears around 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep with the pain. I’ve been taking leftover muscle relaxers and Motrin 800s all week, but it’s gotten old real quick.

So this afternoon I’m headed to the chiropractor my mom has gone to. Mom’s even paying, luckily. This had better work – I’m tired of dealing with it several times a year. My regular doctor says it’s either a pinched nerve or (more likely) a muscle spasm. All I know is it makes me a miserable bitch. And that isn’t good.

Just finished reading the speed of dark by Elizabeth moon. I found it to be quite thought-provoking and enjoyable. I’m trying to finish up the library books I already have at home before I go buy Harry Potter. Once that one is at home, I’m out of commission til it’s done!

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