16 June 2003

So my comments are now looking operable...which is good for now, but still leaves me moderately bummed. At least three people have read this blog before. I know because they left comments. But now all that is lost. Shucks.

Another fine weekend over. Saturday I had a candle meeting, then got to break the bank once again at another basket party. And luckily, even remembered to stop and get a father's day gift to bring with me on Sunday. Sunday was a day at the 'rents to celebrate father's day, my mom & dad's 32nd anniversary, and my birthday! A great barbecue, and I got presents! Season one of Dark Angel on DVD, gift certificates to Victoria's Secret and Waldenbooks, cash-ola, a gardening kit and Godiva truffles! I must have been really good this year :D

Between all these goodies and a busy couple of weeks with candle parties (translation, getting paid now!), I should be set to coast through most of the rest of summer...

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