09 May 2003

Well, not much to say lately (obviously…) Been staying out of trouble offline instead. Yesterday D & I went to the Great Lakes MegaMeet scrapbook convention. Fun, as always. We’re afraid we may have been scrapbooking a little too long, though. It was hard to get into the new, novel stuff knowing how much we’ve bought in the past and never used. Oh well.

The night before that I watched (or is it read, when it’s all subtitles?) Alias Betty. I really liked it, actually. Interesting plot twists. Why I’ve started watching foreign films lately is the real mystery. I don’t really have a preference one way or the other (other than it’s really hard to get anything else accomplished while..’reading’ a movie). The style is definitely different. Hard for me to explain, but it didn’t seem as…well, fast-paced as many US films. Besides the subtitles, it seemed to require more thought to watch, and different pacing allowed for time for thought…Yeah, that made sense. Sorry.

Tonight is N’s Tastefully Simple party. Free dinner? Count me in! I even have a few bucks to spend on goodies!

I almost forgot! I have to throw out huge kudos to Belle Tire, specifically the Ypsilanti, Michigan store. I went yesterday to get new tires because my dad said I’d need them in the spring. Kevin, the nice guy who came to the counter when I came in, said we could go look right at my car to make sure we got the right size. I was joking with him and told him I had the cash and had to leave it with them before the scrapbook convention! He looked carefully at all four tires, then proceeded to tell me I didn’t need new ones yet – maybe in a month or so! He showed me the tread wear indicator, so I can know what I’m looking at when determining whether I really need new tires yet. That’s $$$ in my pocket! A big thanks to Kevin and Tony (the guy I spoke with on the phone) and the rest of the Belle Tire Ypsilanti crew!

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