14 May 2003

I keep planning to write, but it never gets done. I’m really tired again. Went straight home from work to bed yesterday and Monday. And planning it for today. Creepy. I don’t want to be so super sick like last year. I was thinking the threat was over since it started last year in March and it’s already May. Hope I’m not heading that way anyway.

Actually talked on the phone Monday to a real live boy :) We seemed to be getting along pretty well, but once we hung up I was like, ‘ohmygosh…I’m such a dork. I wouldn’t shut up. I bored myself!’ And since I hung up as my phone battery was going on the fritz, we haven’t made plans. On the other had, talked to D today, who talked to K, who is the guy’s sister…anyway…through the grapevine heard he liked talking to me. Note to self: or maybe it was mostly listening to me, but whatever.

‘Member a while back when I talked about calling for a referral about the depression stuff? I did call. And they gave me another number. Haven’t gotten as far as calling that one yet, but maybe I should. Or maybe not, since they’d want time and money to do anything. Maybe I can just keep sleeping all the time. And maybe the next pope will be a woman. Okay, maybe not.

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