25 April 2003

You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here...

Yeah, that's what time it feels like to me right now. The whole up-swing part brings with it little need for sleep. Kinda good news. Luckily it's already Thursday night...no matter what I should make it through my candle show tomorrow night (provided I ever get my display together; cattys and such are done). I can sleep most of the day Saturday, then go to a friend's party (full story later) and then maybe even to listen to a friend-of-a-friend's band play later on that night. If I feel like driving half way across the state for very little reason. So not sleeping now, while I should be, shouldn't be too damaging.

Actually got 3 phone calls while I was at the 'rents tonight. Invite to the dealio on Saturday, a call me back business thing, and invites for drinks tonight with K, someone I don't know (or remember, anyway) and someone I haven't seen since we quit dating because his engagement was finally official. That may have been interesting, but it took place 2 hours before I got the message at 11pm. Early birds. No worms for me. All in all, a heck of a work out for my voice mail. It needed the exercise.

So I actually did work on stuff for the party tomorrow; now I'm just chillin and listening to Norah Jones and periodically yelling at my cats who are trying to drag me to bed. They're saner than I am, apparently. Tomorrow will be a long day.

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