24 April 2003

In the meantime...

I'd like to give a tentatively big thanks to Anne...straight from the hip for her April 18th entry. It's really had me thinking. Anne to stranger: "This thing is bigger than you are right now, and you need help to get through it. You are not crazy, it's just that your brain is misfiring information and being mean to you. It's no way to live, because really, it isn't you. It's your brain making you think it is. So much that it's debilitating." Sometimes she could be talking to me. I actually wrote the number down to call for counseling again. My depression gets a bit out of hand. Right now I'm on a huge up-swing, but when I'm down, I don't have the energy to call for help. When I'm up, I don't need it. Go figure. So thanks, Anne, for being real and saying just what I needed to hear.

And on my whole up-swing thing, I'm getting stuff accomplished like crazy! Finally called and got my windshield replaced and have actually been working on cleaning up the apartment. Just in time, too, since next Friday is my Longaberger Basket party. I want several of the wrought iron wall things, plus the baskets that go with, and there's no way I can afford it :( One great thing I've learned doing candle parties for part time income - doing home parties as a hostess is a great way to get stuff free!

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