03 April 2003

Just a couple minutes, but thought I'd toss out a few words...

Can't keep track of what day it is for anyting. One of my aunts passed away last weekend so we had a visitation on Tuesday and the funeral on Wednesday. So much going on and so much time with my family, I keep thinking each night is part of the weekend! A Thursday confused with a Monday can't be all bad, right? Although funerals always leave me in sort of a funk anyway. She was diagnosed four months ago with lung cancer. So much for a few minutes, I just got lost in thought. They kept saying how she always saw the good in people and was the first one there to help anyone out. That'd be a nice way to be remembered. I hope everyone can remember the good and keep taking care of themselves. That might not make any sense, but it does to me.

Actually back into candle parties a wee bit lately. One this Saturday and next Friday. Woo-hoo! Moola to spend at my basket party next month! I'll give more on that later, for now - time is up!!

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