23 December 2002


Did I say I'd finish up shopping on Friday? Oops! Got a bit more done, but still need to hit the store one last time on my lunch. No rush, since I'm the only one in my whole department this whole week! Actually...well...started wrapping anyway yesterday. Earlier than years past!

Basically I just hate the whole holiday season. Yet another couples/togetherness emphasis of stuff. Mom was talking on Saturday about someone we know who plans to go to work on Christmas day. So? She said he should be spending it with family or friends. I pointed out that he doesn't want to spend it with his family, and most of his friends are spending it with their family...She looked completely flabbergasted when I said if I wasn't close to them I'd be spending it alone, so if I had work to do, I just might go in. It's not that deep. December 25th is just another day. A lot of people think it's crazy that some don't go out on New Years Eve. I don't. I'd rather spend it at home with my cats. So I do :)

Yeah. Merry, merry. Happy, happy.

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