20 December 2002

Less than a week till Christmas and the fun continues!

Busted up my arm at the company holiday party last weekend. Sober me (no, seriously!) went to sit down at the same time that someone else pulled that chair out from behind me...I went down to the floor, rumpus first. My arm smacked the table on the way down. Good news? Did not spill my beer :) Bad news? After xrays on Monday they decided the arm (my left one, another bit of luck..) is not broken, but I should wear an ace bandage for a week or so and take Motrin 800s til I can stand the pain. I'm a wimp anyway, so this won't be discontinued any time soon. It's swollen and funny colored from my wrist to just past my elbow. Ouch.

Finished my candle open house on Tuesday (went well) and my Tastefully Simple party last night (yum). Tonight my brother and I will finish up our shopping. Tomorrow I'll visit the 'rents and grandma. Sunday I may want to start wrapping....okay, I'll probably need to start wrapping. Ugh.

Happy Holidays to you and yours - this too shall pass...

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