12 November 2002

It's coming....the dreaded holiday season. The time of people starting to act blissfully happy, for no better reason than their own annual expectations. The time of joyfully happy, artificially sweetened couples being staggeringly thankful for their lying, cheating, etc, etc significant other(s). You know, the ones they'll drop like moldy pizza on January 2...okay, maybe it'll take them til the 3rd to sober up. But then, they're outta there!

Yes, you read write - I expect to be at home with my cats. Or maybe part of the time at relatives homes' playing nice. There's only one remote chance of a secret surprise in Santa's bag for me...around Thanksgiving...I'll let you know about that later. Maybe. If I feel like it. And if you promise to at least act like you care. For a couple minutes, anyway.

I actually did start on a new novel :) It's about a purse. Not just any purse, of course (who would write a novel about a purse?!?!). My novel is about a really nice beaded fancy purse and all the people that own it, at one time or another. So far so good, but I'm running verrryyyy far behind. Like more than 70 pages behind...I almost have one whole page done....So if I'm going to get anywhere during National Novel Writing Month I'm going to have to pick up the pace - or at least try to get a pace. It could happen.

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