11 April 2023

The Keeper of Enchanted Rooms - Book Review

The  Keeper of Enchanted Rooms (Whimbrel House #1) by Charlie N. Holmberg
Publication date: November 1, 2022
Pages: 347 pages
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars ☆☆☆☆
Sweet Spark: This historical fantasy brought the best of several genres into one book.

Hulda Larkin is just here to do a job. She has dealt with plenty of homes with enchanted rooms before, and whether or not Merritt Fernsby believes in the magic certainly won't influence its existence. 

The plot untangled in a delightful manner, with unexpected twists and turns regarding the house's magic, and the surprising histories of Ms. Larken and Mr. Fernsby. 

I especially liked that this 19th century story talked about magic as commonplace - while you may not have any magic yourself, everyone had learned about in school, and probably knew of some families who were still passing it down through their genetics. Magic was even measurable based on your lineage, so you knew not only if you probably had magic, but also what types!

I obviously found the book completely charming. The late 1800s characters and their backgrounds were interesting (both for good and for evil) and the history of the communities and organizations that dealt with magic and other issues of the time really lent something to the story as well. I gave the book 4 out of 5 stars and look forward to more books about Hulda Larkin and the others who are blended into her story.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for my free electronic copy of the book. Receiving the book for free never influences my review. 

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