01 April 2022

Five Things for Friday - 4/1/22

  1. Seriously? It feels like an April Fools' joke that it can even be April already.  
  2. The kids and I have had a crazy busy spring break week! I didn't take Monday or Tuesday off, and work is crazy busy. Wednesday I slept in a bit later than my regular work schedule, and the kids and I headed to the Detroit Science Center, Hopcat for lunch, a to-go order of Bon Bon Bons for later, and then our local Target to check out the new Kirby balls. 
  3. Thursday we went to Ann Arbor, for our Yelpy perk of trying Cinnaholic, checking out a fabulous comic store and a couple other fun shops downtown, and then trying to catch up on the insane leftover situation in our fridge by having dinner at home.
  4. Today is Jack's half-birthday, so he gets to have his hair dyed BLUE again! He did it last year, but it didn't last long since we waited til summer and he spent most days in the neighbor's pool. Later on, hubby is going to join us for a trip to Frankenmuth for a family-style linner (late lunch/early dinner) at Zehnders. He wanted to do dinner, but the kids want to do the open gym starting around 7pm. We'll make it work :)
  5. This week saw book reviews go up for A Forgery of Roses (the second book I've read by Jessica S. Olson, with 3 out of 5 stars) and The Sign for Home (by Blair Fell, 5 out of 5 stars). Here are all the books I read in March:

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Liz Parker said...

Bon Bon Bon is always a good choice! I just finished my Vday collection ... When is the spring collection out? Haha. For Zehnders and Bavarian Inn, don't forget to sign up for their birthday clubs - you get a free chicken dinner during your birthday month at Zehnders, and BI does a BOGO chicken deal.