18 February 2022

Five Things for Friday - 2/18/22

  1. Disney on Ice started last night in Detroit! And what a night! ;) I missed the show, first because we had other commitments, but then everything canceled in a winter storm (except Disney on Ice) and I was just relieved we didn't have anywhere we needed to drive! Still tickets available through Sunday, February 20. We always enjoy the show - it's amazing watching those talented performers!
  2. Just to follow up: Maggie of course did amazing at her call back, but then 11 were cast instead of the 25 they said at the intro meeting. We'll see how it ends, but the theater department is currently quite, well, dramatic. 
  3. The kids are currently very happy. Today was declared a snow day yesterday evening, and Monday and Tuesday are our mid-winter break. So welcome to our five-day weekend!!
  4. What do you find to be the best music for motivation? We discuss it nearly every day in our team chat, but everyone else bounces around while I tend to rotate heavily between my three Ke$ha cds (yes, I do listen to my music on cds in my home office. LOL). There's also some regular Stevie Nicks, the Chicks (formerly known as The Dixie Chicks, but I like their newest cd best), Nelly Furtado, and Norah Jones. And I've just realized that I don't really listen to male musicians. Anyway... Oh, the Encanto soundtrack is currently playing too.
  5. I spent most of this week on a pretty heavy non-fiction (review to follow), but my review for The Next Ship Home (4 out of 5 stars) by Heather Webb was published. 


Liz Parker said...

If you like Stevie Nicks, check out the Practical Magic soundtrack - she has a few songs on it. LOL re the theater dept being "dramatic." I did see that Disney on Ice still went on yesterday, as did Lion King. Enjoy your 5-day weekend!

Rachel said...

Yay for a five-day weekend! Too bad you missed Disney on Ice. This weather hasn't been kind to us! Have a great weekend!