21 January 2022

Five Things for Friday: 1/21/22

  1. I keep meaning to take pictures. I want a picture on this post, but ya'll are stuck with random googled Friday images til I remember to document something from my regular week. LOL
  2. Jack took his first D&D class via Outschool this week. If you have kids and don't know about Outschool yet, you should. All the classes are with teachers, via zoom. Maggie used to take her voice lessons through Outschool. Jack has taken FNAF social classes, drawing classes, and even an emotional management class (helping little kids deal with big feelings). Now he's started learning about D&D, and tomorrow he takes a class to create his character!
  3. The school year is apparently half over with now (for our district, anyway). The high school had finals for the first semester yesterday and today, and Monday Maggie starts her new classes for second semester. She's super excited to be taking Technical Theater. They learn more about costuming, sets, lighting, and other behind-the-scenes activities involved with productions.
  4. Apologies to my neighbors. Last night as Maggie and I got home with the pizza, she was on a phone call, so we quietly tiptoed inside to eat. Which means this morning I rattled the large, empty, frozen trash and recycling bins into the garage. At 6:25am.
  5. Last weekend gave me lots of reading time, now to share the reviews as they post :) Before I even dove into all my new reading, I shared my review of Just Get Home (4 out of 5 stars). I finished Just One Damned Thing After Another (3 out of 5 stars) for my book club on Monday.


Liz Parker said...

How does a trash bin become frozen? I have questions, haha. I have never played D&D but a lot of my friends like it.

Annsterw said...

Great list!!! Thanks for a couple laughs too! Have a great weekend! Annster's Domain