26 November 2021

12 Days of Christmas - Day 4

I'm trying to drink more water. 

Isn't everyone? Like, there is no one who is drinking too much water, amiright? I've been using Waterdrop. It's just a lil cube of flavor you add to your water. Some people mix and match, for a more customized flavor, I usually just add one for a bit of interest. I already have a steel bottle and a glass bottle. I'd love more drops (especially the new Flair and Nero flavors) and the keychain made to hold a cube on-the-go. My favorites so far are the berry-ish flavors...Love, Boost, Focus... More water is never bad. 

If you're curious, some add these to seltzer water as well. I like good, old fashioned, cold water. Maybe with a cube or so of ice, that will melt soon enough, but keep my water icy cold for a few minutes longer. 

I like this stuff and think it's sort of fun. I'd love a Waterdrop package under the tree this Christmas :)

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