29 July 2021

Counting Down Summer!


Wow. Summer is definitely flying by. I sat down to remind myself of what we've been up to while I was thinking summer was half gone. The joke is on me - this weekend is AUGUST already!

This has been the first summer since I've had kids (my oldest turned 14 last week!) that I've had a full-time job. That being said, we're luckily still working remote/from home. So I've been here, but not here. I've been able to try and learn/perform all my new job tasks, while also answering, "I'm bored. What's there to do?" Newsflash - the woman at the big screen monitors for 40+ hours each week is not where you go for a good time.

I suppose that's part of my missing summer passing me by - next week we go on vacation, then later in the month the kids go camping, and we're still planning to fit in a Cedar Point trip. So most of our 'summer plans' are still in the future.

It has been nice to go outside and water my flowers on lunch, and nothing beats the commute time between my bedroom and my office. I'm grateful that my regular schedule sets me loose at 4pm. We tend to leave ASAP for any errands after work, since I imagine a lot of the 9-to-5 crew aren't on the roads or in the stores yet.

Hubby has gotten a couple races in this summer, and his job has also had a few fun trips. 

Jack is lucky enough to have a friend in the neighborhood with a pool, so they've made tracks back and forth between our houses this summer. With how much he's enjoyed swimming this summer, it's a bummer he doesn't want to take more lessons at Aqua Tots (although I think it's because of the 'tots' in the name). He's also VERY into researching the amusement parks we're planning to visit before summer is over. He's just taken a two-day basketball camp this week and liked it, and is now curious to check out a local gym's 'ninja' classes.

Maggie has probably been the busiest of all of us! She's been babysitting most days for the three-year-old across the street, going to theater practice for the fall performance of Macbeth, trying to catch up with the friends she's missed during the virtual school year, and is now adding in physical therapy (her fast growing bones are wearing out her muscles), and getting ready for high school and the fall baton  twirling season. Whew!

Anyway, it looks like this post may have been more for me than you, dear reader. This blog has been with me a long time, and tells me a lot about where I've been. I'd be remiss if I didn't keep it up to date with a little more than my book reviews (but those are certainly not going anywhere!).

What have the highlights of your summer been? What are you looking forward to?


Liz Parker said...

If you want a friend for cedar point, let me know, I was hoping to go this summer although I'd like to lose some weight first. And yeah it definitely does not feel like it's almost August!

Rachel said...

Where are you working now? I know you were working for the schools. Summer is definitely flying by! I'm glad you have some things planned before school begins.

Trin Carl said...

Glad jack is doing well, and wow this summer going fast!