02 April 2021

Five Things for Friday

Made it through another week! I've now been working full-time again for TWO MONTHS (since I started February 1). This is the magic month when my friend will get his referral bonus (once I have 90 days in) - I wish I could give it to him myself since I'm so grateful for his advice and recommendation! Skiing season is over and racing season has begun for the man who runs my house. He also started a new job this week. So much chaos, but all  of it good :)

  1. Hubs and I are both scheduled for our first Fauci Ouchie (not my phrase, swiped it from a friend in New Jersey)! He's getting his today, and I'm scheduled for this coming Tuesday. I was annoyed with all the sites and info, but a friend who's been a vaccine angel for lots and lots of people sheduled them both for us earlier this week. Thank you, vaccine angel!
  2. I signed up for some more Home Chef meals since hubby is home more evenings during race season (easy to say, he leaves today for a test day at the track tomorrow! LOL). But at least he's usually just as far away as the garage, so I can start cooking again. Between the kids and I, we never eat enough to make cooking a full meal worth it. I was clicking through the other meal boxes today, but Home Chef was the first one to say, "Hey! We missed you! Here's some discounts!" :D
  3. I can't go a WHOLE post without talking about books! First: If you're Canadian, especially, watch Books I Think You Should Read next week for the Knives and Knightsticks review and giveaway. Super fun book, and since the authors based the story in Toronto, they want to give a copy specifically to a Canadian, plus a couple U.S. giveaways too! While I've seen comparisons to other authors, this book really reminded me of Abby Jimenez's The Friend Zone and Happy Ever After Playlist - a spunky, fun vibe about friends, with some adventure and romance tossed in.
  4. Can I tell you how excited I am to sleep in tomorrow?!? I was gonna be able to sleep in a bit this morning, since hubby doesn't have to work so I could wait til the last minute instead of getting ready and out of his way earlier, but then I woke up AN HOUR EARLY. Just because. And when you're not going back to sleep, you just know, amiright? Tomorrow I need to make up for that.
  5. And I'm thrilled that the weather looks like it finally may stay warm and get warmer! Yesterday's snow (I'm in Michigan) was a little rude, honestly. 
Hope you're staying happy and healthy :)

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Liz Parker said...

Snow... Definitely rude! Haha.
Thanks for the book blog shout-out per usual and also you're welcome for the appointments ;) let me know how Andy's goes and also yours.