26 March 2021

Five Things for Friday

  1. My appreciation for Fridays is growing again now that I have a full-time job again. Coincidence? I don't think so.
  2. My family vacationed without me this week.  It was hub's last week off work before starting a new job next week, so he took the kids and hit the road. Of course I miss them, but I'd be lying if I didn't say the silence was sometimes a nice change. 
  3. Some traditions carried on even without the kids demanding them. On Wednesday (since I had to go out for the school's evening library hours to return our books from Christmas), I ordered exactly what I wanted and picked it up from Hungry Howie's. And now I've got lunch pizza left over - mushrooms and bacon, my favorite!
  4. My reading has definitely picked up pace again as well. I've been able to read a bit, watch some tv (totally out of character for me!), and get lots of restful sleep. I'm at eight books so far this month, and expect to finish at least two more before April. My other project to focus on tomorrow while they drive all day is finishing reorganizing my son's closet. A lot of it is just laundry - I'm ditching the wire shelves/drawers he's been using, so taking it all out, washing it, and then either donating it or finding a better place if it's something to keep.
  5. My day today was totally made with my boss's first email. We've been super busy at work, and still working from home, so she told us all to order breakfast or lunch and expense it! I meant to get Taco Bell last night after I got my haircut, but ended up in the wrong lane and not motivated enough to turn around and try again. So guess what GrubHub brought me for lunch?!? Yum! 

I won't mind if the warm weather that graced Michigan earlier this week comes back soon to stay! I'm hoping to meet with the guy that did our landscaping last year. I've got plans for the other side of the house now :)  


Liz Parker said...

That was super nice of your boss! I'm loving this warm weather too. I think the grass is always greener lol ... I'm alone all the time so I wouldn't mind some noise. 😉

Mom Among Chaos said...

That's awesome of your boss! I've been making time for reading instead of scrolling on my phone. Yep, fasting from it.