16 February 2021

The Love Proof - Book Review


The Love Proof by Madeleine Henry
Publication date: February 9, 2021
Pages: 304 pages
Genre: Contemporary fiction
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars ☆☆☆
Strengths: Original story
Weaknesses: the ending

I was absolultely loving this book. Reading about physics theories naturally made me feel extra smart, and Sophie was so adorable! 

As a parent, I really appreciated the dilemmas Sophie's parents faced in wanting her to have the best education and strive for her potential, but also wanting her to be a joyful child. Jake's upbringing had the same motherly goodwill, but none of the same resources as Sophie's childhood. Somehow, none of that mattered once they met. But Sophie and Jake were both unique and charming characters who had all the signs of spending an eternity together (whatever it is that makes up an eternity...).

Is time what we've always perceived it to be? Is time a block instead of linear - is everything really happening all the time, instead of in a particular order? Are soul mates real? Is love forever? Sophie wants to know all of this and prove it scientifically. Can her experiences with and without Jake contribute to the proof?

Overall, I'd give this book 3/5 stars. I loved the story line with the scientific twist, but I was disappointed when a lot of the book was not about Sophie and Jake. Unfortunately the ending was not what I was expecting exactly either. The story ended like I wanted, but it felt abrupt and dry. I really enjoyed parts of this book and would recommend it for those who enjoy contemporary fiction and academic stories.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for my copy of this book. Receiving the kindle copy of this book for free did not influence my review. 


Liz Parker said...

Ah I really liked this one! I gave it 3.5/5 stars or 4/5 I think.

Nicolle said...

I really need to find time to sit down and start reading. Blame it on mom life. This one looks like a good one.