07 December 2020

12 Days of Christmas - Day 7

Well, I'm starting to feel a bit like an old dog with no new tricks. ;)

Here's another classic that's on my list each year. One year, I received two pair, and it ended up being so perfect. See, I haven't really found a pair of slippers that lasts a whole year, so when I had an extra pair, I was able to switch over mid year - it was glorious!

I like the 'slide on' style of slippers, with nothing on the back. And a bit of a no-slip sole, so I don't break my neck running around the house wearing them constantly. Sometimes they may make it to the mailbox and back too.

The ones I've got now (and whew - they STINK) are size L. Looking forward to a new pair of slippers by Christmas morning so I can quit being self-conscious about the smell of these. Hahaha...

What do you wear around the house? We're a no-shoes-in-the-house family, but I hate stepping in little puddles in the kitchen, or picking up pieces of cat litter with my toes in the laundry room. Ugh. So slippers are really part of me being happy at home.  


Rebecca Jo said...

I love me some slippers. I gotta have a harder sole though because I put them on to carry our old 15 year old dog out in the yard & she gets far out in the grass & then lays in it & gives me the eyes - COME GET ME MOM... :)

siteseer said...

I’m not a slipper person but cold winter floors do make them nice. I actually knit a pair last year that I’m using on cooler mornings here in the south.