01 December 2020

12 Days of Christmas - Day 1

 Welcome to my 12 Days of Christmas - all about ME! I encourage you to do one of your own. Stop and take some time to think and dream. If someone really wanted to know what you want for Christmas, what could they give to you that would be a great gift? 

This is my 11th year sharing my material wishes - it's a fun escape to think about - what would you have, if money weren't an issue?

First on my list doesn't sound entirely about me, but I'd put it right next to my desk to attract company... I would LOVE a cool looking cat bed for one or both of my adorable black cats to hang out with me.

I've got to admit, this idea was first started when a friend shared her cat's super cozy couch (which is actually a dog bed - WHY??).

After searching for cat couches, I found a few different options, and posted the picture of them and their regular prices (although all were actually on sale for less when I searched).

Here are some cute ones from Chewy.com, Petco.com, and Walmart.com. I left off the truly expensive options (including one at Nieman Marcus for more than $1K!!).

Do you have pets? If you do, do they have their own cool furniture? LOL 

Join me in sharing your holiday wishes! We're all hoping for world peace - but what would you do with an extra $100 that you were only allowed to spend on yourself?


Rebecca Jo said...

I just bought our dogs a Serta mattress & they LOVE it. One dog waits for one to get off of it so they can lay on it.

siteseer said...

I think I want new furniture for me first then I’ll make my grand furs some nice pillows.