09 July 2020

Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts - July.9.20 - In the Neighborhood of True

This is my first time joining and checking out Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts, hosted at (un)Conventional Bookworms.

Easy enough - we just share someting from a book we're reading or recently read, that talks about food or drink. Here's my quoted section from In The Neighborhood of True by Susan Kaplan Carlton. My full review and a giveaway (through 7/16/20) are here. After I finished reading this book yesterday, I did make up some brownies last night.

"We'll get you a crown of your own, but first we'll bake."
"Bake?" I asked.
"Your mother rather conveniently forgot any southern recipe in her repertory. But you're of the perfect age -- you need a go-to dessert you can whip up in a pinch."
The kitchen of the main house stretched along the screened-porch side. It was always cool, even when the air conditioner wasn't plugged in. Birdie was watching something on a little television with a fuzzy picture. She flicked it off as Fontaine clanged around.
"Where do we keep the bowls?" Fontaine asked.
"Want me to make something up for you?" Birdie said, taking out a glass bowl, measuring cups, and a whisk. Her hair was curled under in neat rows.
"I've got it, Birdie," Fontaine said. "No need to keep us company."
"I'll catch the ironing then,"Birdie said before descending to the basement.
"What were you watching?" I asked. But she was already gone.
As I washed my hands, Fontaine said, "Tell me more about this first day of yours."

Not to spoil it, but their brownies burned when they got distracted. Mine turned out great.

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