19 June 2020

Five Things for Friday

Five things for Friday - because 10 was just too many. Does this whole stay home - stay safe thing feel a bit like Groundhog Day to anyone else? That being said...I'm quite happy to stay home and stay safe, and grateful to Michigan's governor for insisting on it as long as she did, and helping Michigan stay in great shape on our Coronavirus numbers. But I was an introvert to start with, so.....

  1. Last Friday was a very full day. My computer got an awful virus. Someone in Indianapolis had access to all my info. They ordered a computer from HP, and a music mixing..thingy.. for $900 from some music company. Hubby and I spent at least an hour cancelling orders in my name. And it wasn't over. I canceled an HP delivery through FedEx on Saturday, after HP apparently didn't cancel the order? Whatever.  Ya'll are not getting my money, so I suppose send out computers for free if you feel like it? Anyway. Many much stress. Hubby didn't hear me ask to have all of my book files saved, so I lost all the reviews I've written, and my to-be-read list (like 50 books, please don't judge). It took me a couple more days to recreate the TBR list. It's done now.
  2. And after all that fun? Hubs and I had a few family members over to celebrate our back-to-back birthdays (he turned 45 on Friday, and I turned 48 on Saturday).
  3. Saturday? Seriously one of my best birthdays ever. My daughter helped hubby find sandals that were EXACTLY what I wanted, as well as a beautiful solar-lit wind chime for my front garden, and my own Lil Beyonce (inspired by The Bloggesss). If you haven't yet read The Bloggess's post about the original Beyonce the Metal Chicken - go read it. You'll thank me later.
  4. Since then? We're still chilling at home. I meet with a weekly book club via Zoom (we were originally a Battle of the Books team, but the event was cancelled in April). Now that the kids are officially done with the school year (and I'm a school employee), we're officially DONE with commitments.
  5. Because of all the computer drama, all of my credit and bank accounts are currently canceled or on hold, which means I can't order my regular weekly meal boxes. I'm expecting a replacement credit card any day, so my life will get back on track, but hubs is gone next weekend with racecar stuff, so my kids are really working on their cooking skills to stay, you know, nourished and stuff. LOL It's okay, they're good kids, and we're all holding it together.


Liz Parker said...

the worst part about all of that in my opinion is no meal boxes! LOL. Do you just have one credit card? I have a few but I have one that I primarily used. Also that's cool that you meet with your book club via Zoom. I'm in a book club and we did have a zoom meeting the same day of my flood, so it was like May 17th I think.

Rachel said...

I'm so sorry to hear that all that happened with your computer!!! I don't know how people live with themselves when they do things to others. I'm with you and I haven't been too down about staying home. Just wonder if/when it will all pass. Happy Summer vacation to you!