03 April 2020

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Yes - this is my first random-ish post during quarantine. I'll admit I like staying home and sleeping in, but I hate cooking every day all meals. Take-out is an option, but I feel safer staying here. I have used a couple meal delivery things so far - we did Dinnerly last week, and I got a box from Hello Fresh today.
  2. Hubs thankfully still has his job and is working from home so far. He set up his computer and monitors in the basement (which is finished, anyway, if a bit chillier than the rest of the house) so he can stay away from our noise and chaos.
  3. I really, super-much need the weather to warm up. It was up to around 60 yesterday, so I sat out on the porch to read for a bit, the rest of the family went for a long bike ride, and then my daughter and I went for a walk after dinner.
  4. As much as I would love to say I'm getting more reading done, I'm totally not. I think I may be just about holding up my regular pace. The distractions of having everyone at home, as well as the obsession with knowing what's going on has really overshadowed my 'free' time.
  5. I keep watching all the negativity and finger-pointing and blaming. Everyone is criticizing other's choices. And I'm included (obviously. LOL). It's like COVID-19 is in a war with us all. So we're rocking the fight-or-flight thing, but there's no one to fight with besides the other victims of the virus. It sucks. It's an instinct that isn't doing much to save us from anything. That being said, I'm just being liberal with my 'unfriend' button. ;)
  6. So thankful for the friend who finally told me that Disney+ isn't a channel, it's its own app! So we downloaded it just like our Netflix and our Hulu, and the kids are THRILLED with lots of Disney content to watch. Tonight we get to see Onward (that kind of made the decision easy, since we'd been trying to decide on when to see it in the theater before this all went down).
  7. Have you watched any of the Ryan Reynolds' interviews or videos since quarantine started? I like him even more. Here's the first one, reminding us all to stay at home. You need to listen to all of his commentary :)
  8. The other population really being inconvenienced is house cats. They are no really cool with this much company. Just sayin.
  9. I'd love to say something not about quarantine, but it's sort of taken over our whole lives, amiright? I talk to a couple people from time to time on the phone, and it feels like that's all there is - no plans, limited memories, just getting through each day, together yet apart.
  10. Wishing you and yours peace, good health (both physical and mental), and a pleasant, stress-free time away from the regular pressures of normal life.

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Liz Parker said...

You either got Home Chef or Hello Fresh, not sure which, haha! I need to read more but even a pandemic doesn't give me the time... My day job has still been pretty busy. I have Disney+ as well and I actually don't use it much but I think if I had kids I'd use it more.