20 January 2020

The Wicked Redhead - Book Review

The Wicked Redhead by Beatriz Williams
Publication date: December 10, 2019
Pages: 432 pages
Genre: Historical fiction
Rating: 3/5 stars ✩✩✩
Strengths: Engaging characters for both time periods/plotlines
Weaknesses: Loose ends

I really enjoyed reading this book. The storyline and viewpoints went between Ella in 1998 and Ginger in 1924 or so. I liked both women.

Ella had just left her husband, after she caught him screwing around. She'd moved into an apartment building in Greenwich and connected with the tenant on the 5th floor. After moving in, she finds a postcard with a picture called 'Redhead Beside Herself.' A nude woman is posing in the picture, alongside a painting of the same woman in the same pose. Ella feels compelled to find out more about the redhead in the picture.

Ginger seems to be starting a new life in Florida, after fleeing tragedy and loss in New York. But then the man she loves goes back to New York, and his mother insists she return as well. Ginger seems to have a much more interesting history and future, but we don't learn about very much of that. Since this is the second book in The Wicked City series, maybe the first book could answer some of my questions? But the description of the first book now sounds kind of boring, since I know how it ends based on how the second book starts.

Overall, the book and stories were very engaging, but seemed sort of pointless by the end. I didn't like the loose ends, but maybe another book is following this one too? For someone interested especially in Prohibition and the 1920s, this would be a fun read. I'd give it 3 out of 5 stars.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book to read. The opinions expressed in this review are not influenced by having received the book for free.


Literary Feline said...

It's too bad this wasn't better in the end. It's such an interesting time period. I read the first book in the series and liked it.

siteseer said...

I liked the music of the time 😆