01 December 2019

12 Days of Christmas - Day 1

Welcome to my amusing little version of the 12 Days of Christmas. I use the first 12 days of December to actually focus and think about what I would like to receive as a gift, since a few people soon will ask me, "What do you want for Christmas?" I'm here to make it easy for you ;)

In looking back at old blog posts, it looks like this is actually my TENTH year listing out my own 12 Days of Christmas. I usually get a few things off the list, but I do like to think they make gift buying for me a little less of a guessing game.

On to the fun items I've found and decided I'd like to have:

I saw this little gem by the magazines at our local Meijer department store. I tried to search it up online, but only found similar ones - I've already looked at this one and know it looks so fun! Seriously - take this picture with you to Meijer. This is the 2020 version, and it has a mindfulness activity for each week, and some journaling-prompt style questions. I would love to try and take some time to myself each week to focus on stuff like this.

I would be delighted to see this in my holiday stocking, or under the tree on Christmas morning. It looks like the price label says $13.99. This is actually one of those things I might go back and find if I haven't received it by the end of the year. I do love to give myself a little treat, if someone else doesn't beat me to it ;)

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Martha Eskuchen said...

What a fun idea. This sort of planning would have helped me pick things for gifts that others could get. I'm glad to get gift cards though. :-)