21 October 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday - 21 October 2019

Happy Homemaker Monday! I'm joining the group over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom in updating you all on my week/weekend as part of Happy Homemaker Monday. Enjoy!

I like doing posts like this not only to finally get some words flowing on my blog, but also as an interesting post to check back on later. Sort of a 'slice of life,' really, to remember how my time is spent, when looking back it feels like nothing is happening.

::the weather outside is::

I'm so happy the weather was nice for the weekend! I worried that the showers later on today would move back even a day - and then we would have missed our last boat ride for the season (Saturday), or our trick-or-treating and train ride at Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad yesterday! We lucked out and it was a BEAUTIFUL weekend. We'll be just fine paying the price later today. ;)

::on the breakfast plate this morning::
Nothing, as usual. I try to drink lots of water (thanks, Cirkul!) during my shift at work, then spend a bit of time deciding what sounds good for lunch.

::as i look outside my window::
I see a gorgeous, crisp, fall day. The sun is shining so far, and more than half the trees have changed to red, gold, and orange leaves.

::right now i am::
Writing this blog post, obvs. Later on I'm hoping to read some, maybe do a bit of counted cross-stitch, and hopefully return our bottles/cans and get some more groceries. We'll see if I find my motivation...

::as i look around the house::
It looks pretty under control. The cleaning company comes on Wednesday, so I'll try and clear some clutter in the next couple days. I'd also like to update my decorate air fresheners for the holiday in a couple weeks, and to make it smell fall-y.

::on today's to-do list::
Well, I feel like I may have already ruined any surprises here. Hahahaha... I want to read, do some counted cross-stitch, get some groceries... After I pick up the kids from their activities, we've got an invite to visit the local library's haunted house, and then a fundraiser dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. If I remember, once I'm done for the night I should put a load of denim in the washing machine.

::on the menu this week::
Monday: Buffalo Wild Wings
Tuesday: Taco Tuesday is always popular here
Wednesday: I got a new chicken chili recipe today that I'll try out on Wednesday
Thursday: YOYO - we've got the school's Halloween party scheduled tonight, so we'll either grab some quick carry-out, or we can make do with whatever is around.
Friday: I heard this morning from my daughter that we have a family Halloween party this night!

::currently reading::
Just finished Michelle Obama's Becoming last night (LOVED it!)
Just started Firewall: An Emma Streat Mystery by Eugenia Lovett West (for review) and
Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan (from the library).

::on the tv today::
I was all ready to skip this one, but I haven't watched Hocus Pocus yet this month. I think I may throw that one in the Blue-ray player for background noise this afternoon.

::what i am creating now::
I want to keep working on my counted cross-stitch (it's a picture of owls that I think I started like two years ago, but just picked up again). I also need to help my son 'create' the thank you cards from his birthday party a couple weeks ago.

::new recipe to try this week::
One of the teachers from school shared this one that she made for the chili cook-off we had last week. I didn't get to visit the actual cook-off, but her chili was popular! I figured I'll give it a try. It's called Easy Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili from Yummy Healthy Easy.

::favorite photo from the camera::
I promised myself I'd take more pictures on our family outing yesterday. I think I did snap a few more than usual - go, me!!

Here's my lil Ashe Ketchum (Pokemon trainer) catching a Charmander with his Poke-ball!


Rebecca Knox said...

I so enjoy fall in all its glory! The crockpot chicken chili looks delicious! It's probably one that I will try soon. Thanks for sharing the link! Hope your week is off to a great start and many blessings be yours! :)

Luludou said...

Great picture of your pokemon catcher. Seems like you had a great week last week, hoping this week will be as fun!

Jodi said...

Our pretty start to the day, turned into a dreary, gray, drizzle-y day. Ooo that chicken chili looks yummy! Love your Pokemon trainer!! Have a great Monday!!

Liz Parker said...

I love Hocus Pocus. And I really need a cleaning lady, lol.

Jean said...

Great Halloween costume & picture! Hope you have a wonderful week.

The Non-Housewives said...

Crossroads village is so fun! We went there for the holiday lights and it was magical :)

threesidesofcrazy said...

I am sooooo late this week. Please forgive my tardiness. Adorable costume. I hope you had a GREAT week. See you again tomorrow.

Rachel said...

This is a fun post!! No breakfast in the morning? I love my morning breakfast - especially a hot one!!! Hope this school year is going well!