06 September 2019

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Whew. Friday took way too long to get here! The first week of school is kicking my butt. I've worked extra hours all four days too. What was I thinking?!? Oh, yeah. Paychecks.
  2. The good news? After painting my nails all summer long and not using a base coat, my nails were pretty yellow on Tuesday when I headed back to work (that's not the good news part). But, after doing lots of dishes and bleach washing, the yellow is significantly faded already! LOL
  3. Fall is coming so fast! My phone says it's only 64 degrees out now - and that's for probably the hottest part of the day. Summer took her time getting here, and she seems to be in a big hurry to leave again. You know how I complain about the cold...
  4. Tonight the kids and I are excited for 'pizza and a movie.' It's sort of a tradition on the nights that hubs has something else going on. His plans for tonight canceled, so he'll be here with us! We rented the new Godzilla from Redbox and will pick up a pizza after baton practice.
  5. I'm really enjoying the book I'm reading right now. It's a historical fiction called The Collector's Apprentice. I love the descriptions of the woman's life in 1920's Paris.
  6. I also have to go wash out the garage fridge tonight. Ugh. We're upgrading to the fridge from our rental house, and buying them a new fridge. But a garage beer fridge can get a bit yucky. And I need to un-yucky it before DTE comes to get it tomorrow...
  7. I am not yet used to this waking-up-at-5:30am business. I'm sucking down Cherry Coke like it's my job. And luckily I have GoSip from Cirkul. It's water, but with flavor and caffeine. So everything but the bubbles, I guess? My daughter is liking the non-caffeinated but still flavored water to get around her classroom rules about only having water bottles to drink ;)
  8. While our weekend doesn't seem to have too much planned yet, I need to check the weather and see if it may be a good weekend to visit the Michigan Renaissance Festival. I don't think we've been since the 12-year-old was a toddler, and she doesn't remember going then. It runs til the end of September, so we've got a few weekends left to catch it.
  9. Laundry time! I do like fall fashion choices better than summer, actually. I'm excited to have some jeans to wear. Today I had to take off my work uniform and switch to a maxi skirt, since I was out of clean jeans. 
  10. A cider mill also sounds like a good idea right about now - fall is in the air! What are your big plans?


Liz Parker said...

I was supposed to go to Renfest this weekend but I'm skipping - I had blogger tix but I'm just too tired, and I go to Vegas on Sunday for work.

And now I want cider and donuts lol. I have some hard cider in my fridge ...

The Non-Housewives said...

I just talked to my husband about going to a cider mill tomorrow! We love Spicer's in Fenton.