11 June 2019

Pokemon Detective Pikachu - My Review

I can't believe I forgot to tell ya'll about this one! A few weeks ago, Jack had a half day of school, and Maggie had a field trip for the afternoon, so the boy and I got another mommy/son date day. It happened to be the opening day of Pokemon Detective Pikachu! I bought the tickets the day before and surprised him by telling him after the mothers day tea at school.

I liked this movie way more than I expected! I ended up really enjoying the Pikachu character's snarky comments and personality. The voice of Ryan Reynolds really helped this. If I closed my eyes, I could picture Deadpool, right? LOL

Jack still keeps coming up and expecting me to remember details about Pokemon from the movie. Luckily, this information was not necessary to enjoy the movie. I didn't know much about Pokemon before, and the movie explained just as much as was necessary, I felt. 

I'd recommend this as a fun summer movie for the whole family to enjoy. I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars, and would totally see a follow-up, as long as Ryan Reynolds was still there. 


Liz Parker said...

I actually really liked this movie as well, I think I gave it 3.5/5 or 4/5 stars. Pikachu was so cute! Psyduck almost stole the show, too.

siteseer said...

Glad you got to enjoy it together