31 January 2019

Throwback Thursday

I opened up the old pictures folder, and couldn't pick just one.  Both of these are pictures from a family trip to the Tail of the Dragon in June, 2011, where we met up with a bunch of friends (also with families of their own) from a web forum way back when.

First up, we have Maggie and I (and Jack on the inside) by the sign at the bike club. Have you been to the Tail of the Dragon? It's 318 turns in 11 miles on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. We had met up with the sam peeps a few times before any of us had kids. I remember a trip when Maggie was still on the inside (just a month or so before she was born!).

And here's a great shot of Maggie bumming a ride with our friend Jake, in his Lotus Elise. I still remember her little sweatshirt - it said, "I'm the big sister."

The kids love when we pull out old pictures. They're actually on random as the background screen of our TV. Maybe next week I can come up with some of little Jack.


Rachel said...

Awesome memories. I have not been to the tail of dragon. Makes me sick thinking about it - especially right now with a migraine. Lol.

That car looks sweet. I’d love a ride in it!

siteseer said...

You are so beautiful! And Maggie with the thumbs up is awesome!!

Nancy B said...

Loved the Tail of the Dragon and found even crazier roads while we lived in Asheville. Some of the mountain back roads are a trip!

Elise Cleary said...

Old photos are so much fun to looks through and spark memories of what life was like when your kids were younger (or not born yet)!

Mom Among Chaos said...

I love old pictures. It reminds me how I love! Thanks for sharing these!