07 December 2018

12 Days of Christmas - Day 7

So this one is just sort of out of left field. I want to try using a diffuser with my sort of curly hair. And it looks like the Conair Volumizing Diffuser should fit my beloved Yellowbird dryer.

Growing up, I had straight hair. Then it was a little wavy. Then I had two kids, and a hairdresser asked, "Have you always had curly hair?" I was like, WHAT? LOL

I've looked into how to care for curly hair to play it up a bit, but nothing really works well with my job (if you start the day in a hair net or hat, it's very seldom a 'good hair day'). So maybe drying it this way on the weekends will give me a chance to be a little more natural with it? I tend to go with a ponytail or other sort of clip usually now. Work has also trained me that now even when I cook at home,  I usually tie my hair up or back (out of the way..).

I'd like to give this a try, I think. Have you tried a diffuser? What did you think?

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Nancy B said...

I used to have wavy/curly hair but mine has now gone straight! Once upon a time I loved my diffuser