03 December 2018

12 Days of Christmas - Day 3

My third wish this Christmas is a little quirky. I love seeing infomercials - and their new version - Facebook suggested ads. This Shampoo Brush keeps popping up in my timeline, and the people in the video look like they love it! LOL

So I decided I would love to experience that level of bliss each morning when I wash my hair. Washing my hair is always more about the scalp than the length of my hair, so a scalp massage sounds great.


Liz Parker said...

Shampoo Brush sounds interesting! I don't indulge in many fancy bath products but shampoos and conditioners are my favorites.

Aj @ Read All The Things! said...

Cool! I’ve never heard of a shampoo brush before. I just use my fingers like the low-tech person I am.

Aj @ Read All The Things!

Nicolle said...

A scalp massage is my favorite part of getting my hair done! I might need to look into this.