10 December 2018

12 Days of Christmas - Day 10

I don't know what took me so long to list this! I've mentioned wanting it since school started in the fall. I have to wear my access card and badge every day, and I'd love a personalized lanyard!

From the link I gave, I think I'd really like color #13 - Gray Damask, with black thread saying 'Ms Becki'. My uniform shirt for most of the week is green and white, but I currently have two dress down days each week, so then I have no idea what I'm wearing my lanyard with ;)

I've now been serving meals at the school for a little longer than a year, and I doubt I'll leave anytime soon. A personalized lanyard (and maybe some seasonal aprons with at least two big pockets?) would really spice things up for me.


Ron Leyba said...

A personalized lanyard is really cool. Love to have this too. A great Christmas gift I suppose.

siteseer said...

I have a glitzy one for church. My friend says it makes me stand out to be asked to volunteer 😂 so far so good.