01 December 2018

12 Days of Christmas - Day 1

Welcome to my version of the 12 days of Christmas!! I started this years ago to address the inevitable question during gift swaps with family - "What do you want?"
Well, here it is, folks! Starting today and going for 12 days, I'll give all the details for some things I would love to receive for holiday gifts. LOL

This one is technically something I already received this year. See, we exchange gifts and celebrate all the winter holidays with my parents before they leave town in late fall. So we already did all this in early November.

My mom says this isn't really a 'holiday gift,' but just something she knows I'll appreciate. I'm pretty much always cold, so she got me this great base-layer shirt from 32Degrees. It's white (which goes great under my green and white work shirt) and a size large. I wear it to work every time it's washed again. So another one would give me more cozy days at work.


Amy Powell said...

Looks cozy!!

siteseer said...

So silky. Nice under anything