12 October 2018

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I was all proud of myself for starting this post yesterday. So I sat down after work today to 'finish it up' and saw that all I'd done was write the title. LOL Yeah, go me!!
  2. My hubby got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers a couple weeks ago as we were shopping for birthday party stuff. I think they actually lasted longer than I expected, but now there is a dead bouquet in the middle of my kitchen island. Time to clean up again!
  3. Yay for payday! I finally paid my library fines. I felt bad to have returned some movies and a book late, but it didn't really bum me out til I went to try and borrow A Map of Days online and it wouldn't even let me in my account for 'excessive fines.' Usually I only get around to owing a few dollars, maybe up to $10? This time was $25.62. :hide:
  4. So at work we have a Health & Wellness committee. For the end of September and beginning of October, they had a bingo card that had you check off things like taking time for yourself, doing something relaxing, and other things I don't remember because I turned in my bingo card a few days ago. Anyway, I won the bingo challenge! They randomly drew one entrant for a $20 Amazon gift card, and they picked mine! Yay!!
  5. What a rollercoaster! I was so excited to go to a cider mill tomorrow, but then  I found out the kids' play are has an admission fee of $10 - $12. Too rich for my blood this weekend. I'd rather enjoy the cider and donuts, and I can't afford both on my play budget for this weekend. So grateful we have a lil cider mill branch right by our house so I can just stop in and get the yummies!
  6. Tonight is pizza and a movie night. Except there are no Redbox movies that I really want to see, so we'll just find something on Netflix or whatever. But the Hungry Howie's pizza is non-negotiable. I'm getting BBQ Chicken pizza today. I alternate between that or mushroom and bacon. 
  7. I have got to sit down with Jack and do thank-you cards this weekend! I got him really nice fill in the blank ones at Paper Source, but I need to address the envelopes and supervise what to write. Time to buckle down and do it. With fun breaks, of course.
  8. Coming soon - I have yet to post about the books I read in September! I'll try and finish that up soon - it was only three books (guess this is a clear indicator that I'm back to work!).
  9. Baton competition season is coming in fast! Our first competition is next weekend (October 21), with entry already due for the next one (States, on November 10) and then one in early December due in a couple weeks. I love watching my daughter's mad skillz and how much she enjoys competing.
  10. I hope you are having a fabulous fall weekend!

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Liz Parker said...

You're a library delinquent ... lol! I owed the Clawson library $1.25 the other day and they wouldn't let me pay it online ($5 minimum to pay online). As a former library employee (WB library) I felt so ashamed. LOL.

$10-12 seems exorbitant for a kids play area.

And I love random flowers! That was nice of him. My boyfriend gives me flowers on my birthday and on our anniversary, usually :).