17 August 2018

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. It's been forever since I posted!! First I went on the week unexpected vacation to New York, and then when I got back the blog was all wonkity. I fixed the first wonkity, and then there was a new wonkity :O Thank goodness for blogging friends who know stuff and can make magic happen.
  2. School is indeed starting again. I go in to work next week to open the kitchen, then a meeting and a delivery the week after that, and then the kids come back the week after that. I'm not looking forward to getting up early again, but I remember I didn't hate my job, so there's that.
  3. I got Tieks!! I've been wanting to try them for years, and finally ordered a pair with my check from working the elections a couple weeks ago. I tried them on and walked around the house a few times, but I wasn't thrilled. So I submitted for an exchange. They sent me the next size up, and I need to send a new pair back within two weeks. I LOVE the new, sized-up shoes. They just came in, and they're on my feet. I'm a happy girl. Now how to save up for my next pair....I think I'd like to try some patents next.
  4. Speaking of products I'm really happy with, have you seen Holly Aiken bags? I first saw them in her actual studio in Raleigh. Once I got a job, I ordered one last December. It's vinyl with like seatbelt strapping for the trip and strap. My December purse still looks the same as it did out of the box - I LOVE it!! 
  5. I grew my fingernails out all summer. They looked amazing. And I kept them polished with this fabulous Essie Gel Polish. These unicorn tears seriously lasted for like a week with no chipping. And then last week, as the school emails started arriving, I broke two nails. Broke them down low. They hurt, and they were the sign that it was time to cut my nails. So I'm back to stubby-ville. Good bye summer, I'm going back to work.
  6. So what am I missing in these last few minutes of summer? We've already scheduled our Cedar Point trip in a couple weeks, because that's a must for us. And a neighbor scheduled another beach day, which is good because I think we only went to the beach once this summer from home (we did go on our New York vacation too).
  7. I'm also upping my book review game again. I've got a few more I'm reviewing for a fellow blogger, including two with a publication date of September 1. So I've been spending a bit of extra time reading to wrap up the summer. Which I really enjoy.
  8. I also started doing counted cross-stitch again while on our vacation. I still love the meticulousness of it (that's seriously a word?!), but my vision is not so cooperative. I need really good lighting to be able to see and count those little squares. I haven't checked the craft store yet, but I bet there's a floor lamp that can help spotlight where I need it. 
  9. My hair is at that terrible in-between length. Hubby likes long hair, but I get easily annoyed by it. I like to grow it out til I can just put it in an easy bun every day. It's almost there again. I hate when the summer humidity makes it all frizz into a halo around my head. A little more length will help me keep it restrained.
  10. Ten already? I'm very happy to share that my son is again obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. He spent most of last school year loving Super Mario instead, but over the last month or so he has brought all of his trains and tracks up from the basement. He says Thomas is again his favorite.


Liz Parker said...

"Wonkity" made me laugh ... lol. Glad your blog is fixed! Always frustrating when you can't figure out the problem. Cedar Point is always a good time, a fellow blogger gave me her two free CP tix that she can't use so I may go with Brad in Sept. sometime. I hadn't heard of Tieks but I clicked on the link and they look comfy.

Rachel said...

You already got your check from the elections? My money will be direct deposited but not sure when. So glad you got your blog up and running again. Did Ron help you? He’s awesome! Enjoy your last few days before school starts!

siteseer said...

Glad you got everything working again. I stopped blogging for that reason. Maybe I need some ‘techie’ friends 🤪

Jenn said...

Okay, I love that your son is into trains again. I think you are never too old to enjoy them. I have an aunt that cross stiches all of her gifts. They are so nice. I wish I had the patents for a crazy.

Becki said...

Rachel - we take home our checks that night. And yes, Ron is wonderful!!

Crystal said...

I’m glad you’re back up. Are you going to BloggyCon? I think Tieks would make my feet sweat.