22 June 2018

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. So who's ready for summer fun?? Last weekend started with a family reunion of sorts at my parents' house. This is a pic of me and the kids with my parents (hubby was up north visiting his dad). Also in attendance were three second-cousins of my mom's, and one of her aunts from Saskatchewan, Canada, as well as more U.S. relatives. 
  2. And on Sunday we dropped Maggie off at her annual baton camp. She had a great time and we went and picked her up again on Wednesday after watching her performance of all the great new tricks she learned. 
  3. Tonight we're hoping to go hang out at the Lake Orion Jubilee in town. But the weather will need to hold out....
  4. Our deck constuction is finally starting!!!! There are footings filled with cement (did I say that right?). The chipmunks are sometimes making poor choices - I'm worried that we may be cementing a few corpses down in those deep holes. My solution is to carefully not look too closely, so I don't know for sure.
  5. Tomorrow morning we're using my last paycheck from school for the year to go see Incredibles 2 and get my free birthday popcorn and drink from AMC. I've heard great reviews of the movie so far, so we're excited to go see it for ourselves.
  6. In sad news, I've apparently become a very inept fish mom. We're down to two fish. Which should theoretically make the aquarium easy to clean? Yeah, really no difference. But I'll try to clean twice a week instead of once til it's super beautiful and we can start re-stocking. I usually like to have six to eight fish so they can change around who they hang with, right? Having the aquatic frogs was super cool, but they require excellent water since they don't have scales to protect their skin.
  7. My hair is finally getting long enough for a bun again. So buh-bye hair. It's long-ish, technically, but I can wear it up and out of my way. I always like a short pixie cut, but I never go in often enough to maintain, so a bun is my solution.
  8. What birthday treats am I missing this month? I've gotten my free chicken dinner at Frankenmuth, my free burger at Red Robin, and planning my free popcorn at AMC tomorrow. I think I missed the cut-off date for my free BDs Mongolian BBQ meal. I remember one year I printed out all the emails and such so I could redeem as much as possible. It was more stressful than just paying for what I wanted. LOL
  9. The 'worst' part of summer? I feel like a slacker for not making decent dinners anymore. Not that I was some great cook before, but now everyone is so busy and we get home late so often that my effort is actually decreasing (didn't know that was possible?!?).
  10. What's your favorite summer activity? The kids and I are going to sit down this afternoon and make a plan for next week. So far we have swim lessons twice, and need to pack and leave Friday for an out-of-state baton competition next Saturday and Sunday. But Monday through Thursday can be filled with other adventures!


Liz Parker said...

Are you in my Yes/No Detroit Deals group on FB? There is a huge list of all the birthday freebies you can get! (happy early birthday, btw, too)

Annsterw said...

Awesome thoughts! Congrats on the new deck!!! Cant wait to see it completed! Annster's Domain

siteseer said...

That’s a lot going on. Summers always so busy yet relaxed 😎