09 March 2018

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. The fact that my posts jump from one random Friday to the next random Friday says a lot about how my week went. LOL Granted, I don't usually spend much time on the computer over the weekend, between Monday and now, I've volunteered in kindergarten twice, worked an extra shift at my own building and subbed at another building, taken both kids to two swim lessons each, taken one child to Fine Motor Fun class, taken the other child to baton lessons and practice, to work at kindergarten information night, and to her first TEDed meeting. And tonight we still have our last Battle of the Books meeting and a mom & son date night. Whew.
  2. Tomorrow is the actual Battle of the Books! Which could almost mean it's all done, except we still have an author reading and awards night next week. 
  3. My son is so super excited. We started swim lessons in November, and his older sister bumped through two more levels in a month each. He was feeling a little disheartened. But last night he successfully completed a level! He was so excited and I overheard him telling EVERYONE at school this morning. I hope he remembers how good working hard and earning something feels.
  4. The snow here? In almost mid-March? Ridiculous.
  5. Has anyone taken the Serv-Safe food safety courses before? I have to do it later this month since I've been working in the school kitchen since December. Someone told me it's harder than they expected. My biggest thing is that I think a lot of it will be general and not really apply to the job I do. And my brain has plenty of useless info already. Not sure how much more will fit! LOL
  6. Did I mention I cannot wait for spring to actually get here, and the snow to GO AWAY?!?!?!?!
  7. I'm excited about A Wrinkle in Time being at theaters!! I want to go see it right away (even though I originally wanted to read the book with the kids first). I'll be interested to see reviews this week. Next week is payday, and odds are pretty good on me dragging the family to the movies.
  8. Watch next week to see what books I read in February and what I thought of them. I've also got another KidPik box to review for Maggie, and a new StitchFix box for me.  
  9. I keep looking behind me. Yesterday as hubby and I ate lunch, a coyote walked across the back of our yard! :O I'm keeping an eye out to see if it's his regular hangout (the coyote, not hubby).
  10. Hope you have a great weekend, and the weather keeps warming up!


Liz Parker said...

I'm excited about A Wrinkle in Time also, and may use my MoviePass to see it tonight if I'm not too tired ... but it's getting awful reviews :( everyone in my movie group on FB did not like it. I will probably still see it though. I read the book a long time ago, I think in middle or high school, as required reading, and remember liking it.

siteseer said...

Busy week. I love retirement 💗. I loved the stage you’re in too when I was there. Just perspective 😉

Nancy B said...

Your list makes me feel tired! At least we don't have snow in Louisiana! Busy week for us as we are heading back to Asheville and had three stops this week and three more next week. Trying to get caught up on my blog in between moves.