09 February 2018

Fogo de Chao Review

I was lucky enough to be treated to dinner at Fogo de Chao in Troy last weekend. YUMMO!! I love meat, and this is the place to go.

Fogo de Chao is a Brazilian steakhouse offering fabulous cuts (and cooks) of meat brought right to your table. Once we were seated at our table, our server brought us the card pictured at right (explaining the meats available) and pointed out our coasters - green on one side for 'more meat,' and red on the other for 'WAIT - I need to catch up before getting more meat.' We were to simply show the side of the coaster that indicated our current wishes throughout our meal.

I started off with a Berry Mint Caipirinha (their signature drink, available in six flavors). It was refreshing and delicious, while not being too sweet to go with all the meat and, well, meat. Hahaha...

I did visit the Marketplace (included with the meal) before we started receiving meat at our table. Having been to Fogo once before, I knew not to fill up on all the fresh and unique sides and salads. Speaking of meat (yes, I do like meat the best), the brown sugar and black pepper bacon is absolutely my favorite item at the Marketplace. I not only had some before we started the rest of dinner, I also wrapped up the end of my evening with more bacon and some pineapple. Writing about the bacon again now makes my mouth water. Yes, it's at least that good.

During this visit, we were seated near the room where the servers get the skewers of meat. So fun! I tried to get a good picture of the meat all lined up and kept hot, but I only ended up with some bad pictures of my reflection in the glass. The ambiance throughout the restaurant was great for a relaxing or romantic evening, but not very conducive to pictures of all the wonderful-ness.

Onto the meat! Some of my favorites this time included the sirloin, the bacon-wrapped steak (sensing a theme?), the lamb, and the parmesan-crusted pork (which I don't remember having last time). We were also asked by several servers what temp/cook we wanted on our meat. I always went with a medium rare, and it was without fail juicy and delicious.

The full dinner is $48.95 for adults, but I just found out on this visit that it's also available at half-price for kids age 7 - 12, and free for those 6 and younger. I've suggested it as a great daddy/daughter night out since hubby and our daughter have both been jealous of my visits, and I think they'd love it. I believe it can also cost less for a limited selection of meats, or for lunch.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

In exchange for this post and social media shares, I enjoyed a free meal at Fogo de Chao, but these are truly my thoughts and opinions about my visit.


Mom Among Chaos said...

Those caprini's are addictive. I think I had two or three of the lime. Fabulous food!

Liz Parker said...

Nom, that meal was so good. I see they're doing Troy Restaurant Week this year also.

GeekDad248 said...

After reading this review I really want to go try out this restaurant. The place isn't too far from my house so really will need to make an effort to get out and give it a try.

siteseer said...

I have to try this. At least once!!