30 January 2018

Menu Plan...Tuesday?

I haven't menu-planned in quite a while. And since I've been offering the same dinner for a week or so and hubby doesn't like it, I'll try a little harder to have more meals on hand after this week's shopping expedition. This means planning ahead, right?

Tuesday (yes, today): Off to a strong start! Hubby is working his fun job tonight, so he doesn't come home til late. No cooking for me! The kids and I will eat. I'm having a Stouffers French Bread Pizza (does anyone else remember when they used to have pepperoni and mushroom? I swear they did, but I can't find them anymore).Maggie will most likely have buttered noodles, and Jack will opt for a peanut butter sandwich (if we have any peanut butter?) or pizza rolls.

Wednesday: Well, hubby will not be pleased with this, but I'm not sure if he's leaving me time to shop between other tasks tomorrow or not. So based on my current available ingredients, it'll be meatballs and gravy, with mashed potatoes, and corn.

Thursday: Hahahaha... with as seldom as I have to cook, you'd think this would be easier for me. Hubby works on Thursdays too, so the kids and I may get drive-thru of choice after swimming lessons.

Friday/Saturday: Well, this might be getting a little embarrassing. I think hubby may be heading out of town Friday afternoon to take Maggie skiing up north. Huh. So yeah, not cooking Friday or Saturday again.

Sunday: We have a neighbor's birthday party from 2 - 4, which will certainly include pizza. So really, do you think I'm gonna cook another meal between getting home and going to bed? Nope. Have some chips or something if you're hungry...

Monday: I already have half the stuff to make Smoked Sausage and Cheesy Rice again. Let's do it!

Tuesday: Yeah. Tuesday. You know the drill. Hubby's gone, and the kids and I don't eat enough for me to cook a real meal...

Wednesday: Since Maggie is at baton late on Wednesdays, I like to have something ready once we're all home. Crock pot, here I come! I can't find where I originally got this recipe, but my whole family enjoys chicken and dumplings! I put one can of chicken broth, two cans of cream of chicken, and about three chicken breasts (aren't they monstorously sized lately??) in the crock pot in the morning on low, then the last hour I shred the chicken, add four or so refrigerated biscuit dough (cut in quarters), and crank it up to high. I might try adding some VegAll  or frozen peas/carrots this time...

Thursday: I think Thursday we'll be heading out to a coney island or something as a family. We have the fifth grade musical performance at 7pm.

Friday: February 9 is one of our community's much-anticipated daddy/daughter dances. So while they dance the night away, I bet Jack and I can go out for his favorite. Unless I can talk him into somewhere besides McDonalds.

That leaves Saturday, Sunday and Monday open before Maggie and I leave for the Twirlmania competition on Tuesday, but goodness! I feel like I've written a novel! No wonder I don't like cooking, if this much work goes in weeks in advance! LOL

What are your favorite, easy, go-to menu fillers? Since I obviously cook so much, I might be better off with keeping some ingredients around for easy meals. I don't 'Instapot,' (saw a scary anecdote about one exploding...I'm happy with my crock pot and don't watch This is Us...), but I do enjoy casseroles (more than hubby does), skillet meals (although I could use a bigger skillet!), and regular old stove-top and baking.


siteseer said...

You don’t have spaghetti on there anywhere in two whole weeks! Oh my! Do the kids like tuna noodle casserole?

Becki said...

Hahaha... we had spaghetti yesterday! And hubby doesn't like tuna noodle casserole.

GeekDad248 said...

Sticking some chicken fries in the oven to heat up has been our go to filler meal when haven't had time for a home cooked dinner lately. Meatloaf is something we tend to cook up too when don't have lot of time or supplies but don't want to get take out.

Liz Parker said...

Exploding Instant Pots?? Scary ... I kind of want one. I do have a crockpot but luckily it's not 17 years old like the one in This is Us, lol!

I try to meal plan but usually what happens is that I make a big batch of something (chicken, etc) then freeze the rest for work. When I want to bring lunch to work (95% of the time) I look in the freezer and see what's there.

Anna Mae said...

I'm really bad at meal planning - which reminds me I need something for tonight and tomorrow night. Our go-to quick meal is quesadillas. I make a huge batch of Mexican shredded chicken in the crock pot and freeze.