12 January 2018

2018 Goals

This year feels really different for me. I've got a job outside the home for the first time in more than a decade (granted, it's two hours a day, but still!). Both kids are finally in school for full days, so I should be able to turn a bit of focus back to who I am, and what else I want from life (besides seeing my kids happy and healthy, I mean). Am I up to the task? Only time will tell.

Here we have, my 2018 goal list:

  1. Establish educational savings accounts for both kids. Hahaha... got really close in 2017. This is the year!
  2. Bake regularly.
  3. Yell less.
  4. Clean and organize Maggie's and Jack's rooms.
  5. Do a counted cross-stitch project.
  6. Make more cards.
  7. Redo master bathroom shower.
  8. Wash my vehicle at least monthly.
  9. Drink at least four glasses of water daily, on a regular basis.
  10. Learn to french braid my hair and Maggie's.
  11. Set up my Erin Condren notebook as a recipe book.
  12. Complete at least 50 Yelp reviews.
  13. Get new deck finished.
  14. Feed birds through the winter.
  15. Put hanging flower baskets at front porch for summer.
  16. Continue unpacking office boxes from the basement.
  17. Score for Pearson.
  18. Work elections.
  19. Blog regularly.
  20. Walk regularly when it's warm outside.
  21. Read more books.
  22. See at least ten movies in the theater.
  23. Do the 52 week savings challenge for holiday shopping at the end of the year.
  24. Burn more candles.
  25. Update the kids' bedroom doors (currently still decorated from Valentine's Day, 2014, I think).
  26. Use up all the box mixes of foods and desserts that I have from several different direct sales businesses. I love going to the parties, but then forget why I bought stuff! Hahaha...
  27. Re-organize office with a goal of more crafty stuff I enjoy.
  28. Have lunch with a friend at least twice a month (weather-permitting, since I'm currently snowed in.  LOL).
  29. Minimize wardrobe to fit comfortably in drawers seasonally (with off-season in under-bed storage).
  30. Keep working a job outside the home.
  31. Get some new tennis shoes.
  32. Get at least one more pair of work pants, so I can have two outfits. LOL
  33. Do something fun with my hair (cut/color) at least once this year.
  34. Do a couples painting (at like Painting with a Twist or whatever) with hubs.
  35. Continue keeping fish - maintain my healthy aquarium.
  36. Get new bath towels for the whole house.
  37. Attend Twirlmania in Florida with Maggie.
  38. Relocate the toys (except maybe the board games?) out of the family room, and into the kids' rooms and the basement.
  39. Pick a mantra and make it prominent - in my office, on my phone, in my truck...
  40. Appreciate that my life is pretty wonderful with or without these goals accomplished.
  41. Believe in my ability to complete these goals.


Mom Among Chaos said...

You should see my van. I need to remind myself to wash it monthly. My parents had the educational saving plans for us. Mine worked well, but my sister dropped out of college, and it went to waste. Make sure you check what happens if one of your kids don't go to school or drops out.

The Honest Mom said...

You have so many goals! I need to get a goal list together...It's one of those things I've been wanting to do but always come up with excuses! You will be my motivation! Cheers to making 2018 our year!