03 November 2017

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Yay for a warm(er) day. I think it's supposed to get close to 50 today (but stormy, eh). Tomorrow I've got a new dress to wear to a wedding, and I really don't want to freeze...
  2. I've got a kid home sick(ish) today. While I could have made him go in, we've got a busy night and weekend, and he deserves a rest. Also, if I let the cough fester with the rest of the germs the class is kicking around, he could end up sicker, and I DON'T have time for that....
  3. Apparently I like ellipses today...
  4. Wish me luck - we're ordering our holiday cards on Sunday. I don't like being in pictures, and would almost like the pressure to hand-make pretty cards, but at least as long as the kids are little, we do the annual picture and card shebang. So Maggie and I will get our hair done, and then all four of us will smile pretty.
  5. I've got to say, the thing I miss most about a 'real' job is going out each day for lunch. I don't like what I cook at home, and I don't have money to go get something each day.
  6. I keep writing on my planner to get out my 2018 planner and get the ball rolling. But somehow it hasn't happened yet.
  7. I think one of the best reasons to get a bigger house may be to have more walls to hang up the kids' art creations. And not have to take them down when we get new ones. I love to look at their creativity and smile!
  8. Do you ever have a really good news day? I'm still having afterglow from a day earlier this week. LOL I got to chat with a former supervisor who went on about how great it was when we worked together, then I got my 'interest questionnaire' for the job I usually do in the spring, AND someone used my StitchFix referral code, which gave me enough credits to get the dress I'll wear tomorrow without hitting the grocery budget ;)
  9. I just commented again to a Facebook friend who LOVED the book and series of The Handmaid's Tale, but didn't realize there is also a movie made in 1990. Totally worth the watch, especially if you've already been reading and watching the other versions.
  10. Oh! Keep checking back - I'll be having an event ticket giveaway soon for those of you close enough to the Detroit metro area!


Rich said...

I like your 10 random things list. It's the way my mind seems to work.

Ron Leyba said...

For #5, I am also having the same thoughts! :)